LS offers written, consecutive and simultaneous translation from all the areas and for more than 50 languages i.e. language pairs.
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  • English language
  • Albanian language
  • Arabic language
  • Italian language
  • Polish language
  • Czech language

Telephone and fax:
02 / 3071 578

About us

Linguistic Systems has been established in 2004 with the endeavor of satisfying the need of written translation and interpretation with excellent quality.
The founder of Linguistic Systems is a graduated philologist herself for two languages with a long term experience in the simultaneous, consecutive and written translation.
The need of a proficient team consisted of solely professionals has imposed because of the fact, that most of the agencies in Macedonia are not managed by translators, therefore the same can lead to inconsistency in the work because of the unawareness of the practice in this business. With its existence LS offers professional services of excellent quality, which are provided to you in the shortest possible term, however without deficiencies in the quality of the service.
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