Translation represents the accurate transfer of the source text into the target text. Depending on the type of the translation we distinguish between certified and not certified translation. Translation bearing i.a. the seal and signature of an authorized translator is considered to be certified; all translations lacking it are considered to be not certified.

We offer several types of translation depending on the text type:

  • Business translation (documents for business correspondence)
  • Technical translation (instructions/user manuals and the like)
  • Software localization
  • Legal translation (wordings of contracts, court decisions, claims etc.)
  • Administrative translation (certificates, statements, passports, driving licenses etc.)
  • Scientific translation ( translation of textbooks, texts in professional journals, philological texts etc.)
  • Other translation (conference texts, patent specifications, texts by news agencies, advertising texts etc.)


Our team:

The translation team is consisting of in-house and external translators certified by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Macedonia, but also by the competent bodies of other countries if the translator resides outside of the Republic of Macedonia.

The team is not consisting only of professional linguists, translators and conference interpreters, but also university professors in the field of translation and interpretation, doctors of science in literature and legal experts. When working with special terminologies we retain the right to consult our team of experts for the industry in question.

Translation process

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Translation prices

Translation per word: starting from 0.06 Euro

Translation per page (1800 characters with spaces or 1500 characters without spaces):  upon request

Technical adaptation of translated documents: from 4 Euro per page depending on the complexity