Company Profile

LINGUISTIC SYSTEMS was founded in April 2005 as a company for language services only.

At that time it was proudly acting as the service provider for the buyer of the Macedonian state electricity system operator Elektrostopanstvo na Makedonija, namely EVN Austria, at times providing up to 13 interpreters for the same language combination per day.

We are proud to have assisted such a sound company in doing its business in Macedonia with a permanent and ongoing extraordinary success,

and to have helped the investor concentrate only on its core business issues while we solved all linguistic and at times also organizational issues at press conferences, kick-off meetings, study visits and accompanying investigation teams, at the same time translating over 10.000 pages of documents and

developing a specialized term base for the combination Macedonian – German and v.v. for the electrical industry. All of this was new to most of the interpreters, but every day we increased our expertise in this field, which experience we are very grateful for.

This collaboration lasted until the end of 2010, when the company successfully established itself on the Macedonian market and employed in-house translators and interpreters.


We are also the exclusive service provider for NLB Banka AD Skopje as part of NLB Group for nearly a decade. We assist this client with translation and

interpretation services in several language combinations including Serbian, Czech, Turkish, English, Romanian, German, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Slovenian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian etc.  We understand the long-term cooperation as a proof of our expertise in the field of banking, finance, accounting and audit. Our expertise in these fields is enabling also cooperation with other banks in Macedonia and the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).


Since our establishing we have been maintaining cooperation with numerous public and international institutions, among which also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, the State President of the Republic of Macedonia, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s offices in Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria, as well as Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s HQ in Berlin, GTZ / GIZ, the Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Macedonia, the United Nations Population Fund, but also micro, small and medium-sized national and international companies, lawyers and Notary Publics. Our interpretation expertise for the combination German-English and German-Macedonian was repeatedly confirmed at the international tender presenting the beginning of our ongoing cooperation with the Belgian company IBF International consulting sa, being a provider of interpretation services for EU-funded projects.


Besides our main fields of expertise in terms of interpretation and translation services – politics, business, EU integration, law, banking, electricity, accounting etc., we have also gained significant experience in the field of insurance and audit, as service provider for the Austrian Vienna Insurance Group since their presence at the Macedonian market (since 2009).


Since we have assured numerous international clients of our professionalism and correctness, they started requiring our assistance at their events, delegation planning, planning of meetings, consulting in terms of foundation of companies and employment of personnel in Macedonia, so after a period of preparation and testing of the most suitable partners, since 2014 we have also been offering service packages to our international customers connected to planning of business visits to Macedonia, including event supervision and planning of the social time of the delegates.


Our most recent business branch, launched in 2016, is the mediation at the process of VAT refund in Macedonia and assisting foreign companies at VAT refund in Macedonia. Up to this moment, no client of ours has been declined by the competent government bodies.


You will find more details about a particular service we are offering on this website at the page concerning the service you are interested in.

You are welcome to send us a request per mail or contact us in our business hours.

Our mission is dedicated to meeting each client’s requirements in the most professional manner by identifying correctness, confidentiality and
respect for deadlines as our priority. We are successful if we help our clients manage their projects in the best way possible.
Our vision is not only to become the leading company in the region providing translation and interpretation services with the widest range of
language pairs, but also to provide other services that help our clients save time, money and feel like natives in the Republic of Macedonia.
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